WordCamp Europe 2018

WordCamp Europe 2018 – Belgrade (Serbia)

WordCamp Europe 2018 is over, and we will meet next year in Germany, the next event will take place in Berlin. Before telling my impressions about the WCEU 2018, I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues for a fantastic conference and four fabulous days in Belgrade.

So, I had a flight from Vilnius to Belgrade on June 13, and it means I had one and a half day to explore the Belgrade before the event start. I’ll tell you about this later, and now briefly about the event. Two main days (June 15 and 16) of WordCamp Europe 2018 took place in the largest conference, cultural and business center in Serbia – Sava Centar. WCEU 2018 Contributors day (June 14th) took place at the same venue as WCEU 2018 afterparty – Belexpo Centar.

WordCamp Europe 2018 | Google

As always, the most important people in the WordPress community, including WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, come to this conference, so it is worth to visit. I want to note that WordCamp Europe events are supported by companies such as Google, which is an excellent opportunity to meet with representatives of these companies and ask questions directly. And the most important thing is a couple of thousands of interesting and like-minded people.

WordCamp Europe 2018 attendees

WordCamp Europe talks I have attended

There were two parallel tracks available, and this is a list of talks I have fully or partially attended. Traditionally the most popular part of the conference (except afterparty) was a chat session with Matt Mullenweg.

Friday, June 15th

  • JavaScript APIs in WordPress by Adam Silverstein
  • When to use the API by Sean Blakeley
  • Content security policies: a whole new way of securing your website that no one knows about by Miriam Schwab
  • A Summertime Update – Keynote and Q&A with Matt Mullenweg
  • Staying Healthy In the Digital Space by Christina Varro
  • The State of WordPress Mobile by Cate Huston
  • Once upon a time, there was a plugin… by Francesco Canovi & Marco Chiesi
  • Capability-Driven Development by Felix Arntz
  • Technical SEO to grow your WordPress business by Joost de Valk

Saturday, June 16th

  • Mastering Feedback: You, the Team, the Product by Davide Casali
  • Financial Forecasting for WordPress Product Businesses by Christie Chirinos
  • Press, Publish, React by Michael Selander & Libby Barker
  • WordPress in 2019 by Noel Tock
  • Anatomy of a block: Gutenberg design patterns by Tammie Lister
  • The Human-Centered Brand by Nela Dunato
  • Going from freelancing to building a team by Sherry Walling & Karim Marucchi


When I arrived in Belgrade, it was hot, but as soon as I settled in my apartment and went to town to meet my friends, the rain started. During my visit to Belgrade, the weather was constantly changing.

When you’re in Belgrade, you can feel some tension since Serbia tries to develop after Breakup of Yugoslavia and Republic of Serbia in 1992–2006. I suggest you forget this topic when you’re in Serbia, seriously, who wants to talk about the war. However, Belgrade is a friendly city, and the locals are communicative and sincere (except for f*cking taxi drivers).


What to do when you arrive in an unfamiliar city? Right! You need to go for a meal! And my first meal in Belgrade was somewhat strange and a little bit shocking. I’m not kidding! The waiter offered me a “Serbian burger,” but no one warned me of the size of the meat chunk I would get. So here it is, it’s huge and way too big for me. After all, it turned out to be a simple piece of minced meat with fries and some chopped onions. I don’t know why I ate it. Nothing special, nothing tasty.

Serbian burger

Anyway, in a few next days spent in Belgrade, I tried some delicious dishes. By the way, the local beer tastes good, and you definitely must try it.

Belgrade taxi drivers

Belgrade taxi drivers will be the ones who will ruin your Belgrade experience. There is no doubt that there are taxi drivers in all countries who are trying to get more money from tourists by cheating. Every time my apartment administrator called a taxi, everything was fine. But boy oh boy if you catch one on your own in the middle of the street. There are several options:

  • You will be transported around your destination without reason, to make the journey longer and, of course, more expensive.
  • If you are not careful enough you will get less change, it means your journey will become more expensive.
  • The taximeter will be turned off during your trip, and the driver will tell you the way bigger price upon arrival.
  • Want to get a travel receipt? You will be damned, or you will not be allowed even to enter the car.
  • Want to get to the airport? Get ready to give up a bunch of money or your kidney.

Night life and nightclubs

Yes. We have visited several nightclubs with my friend Vato. Moreover, we went to the best nightclub in Belgrade (according to some locals and of course taxi drivers) – Freestyler. Well, it’s not that bad as I thought it would be, but still, it was a strange experience. I felt like we moved back in time for about 15 years.

Freestyler nightclub (Belgrade)

After drinking a few beers and meeting a very unpleasant bartender, we went to the next club right next to the first one — still nothing special, just another old-school floating club. So far, the best nightclub visited during a trip to WordCamp Europe was the Latino Club in Vienna (2016).


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